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done by the blizzard of obama administration job- crushing which it -- regulation. but we cannot today to what needs to be done for our country. so as we prepare for starting today for the next 21 months, i ask you to remember the words of my fellow mississippian, fred smith, the founder and ceo of that act. fred says, "the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing." [laughter] [applause] and the main thing is electing a republican president next year. [applause] we cannot put america on the right track until we elect a republican president in 2012. and a republican senate to join the republican house in enacting those crucial policies. we will not have the policies that lead to economic growth, job creation, smaller government, lower taxes, less spending, rational regulations, and the stronger american presence in the world in every dimension until we had a republican president to lead for those right policies, the ones that will achieve the right results for america and the world. namaste, the reckless policies of the obama administration and the left-wing congress has brou
poll will be. no, it will not be obama. thank you. >> one feature of the conservative political action conference every year is the presidential straw poll, voted on by those who attend the conference. the top winners are the same as last year. ron paul got 30% of the vote followed by mick rahm 8 with 23 percent of the vote. former new mexico governor gary johnson and new jersey governor christie receive 6% of the vote. last year pottery third-place finisher was former lasted governor syrup island. this year she finished ninth with 3% of the vote. next, former white house press secretaries to talk about life in the white house. then the white house congressional dinner. after that from the conservative political action conference, mississippi governor haley barbour. now, a discussion of the role of the white house press secretary. we will hear from michael mccurry and dee dee myers preserved under president clinton and president george w. bush's press secretaries dana perino and frank sesno. george washington university's school of media and public affairs posted this event. it
of president obama's infrastructure and technology agenda. after that, former president george h. w. bush and john lewis received the presidential medal of freedom at the white house. recently, former president jimmy carter sat down at the lyndon johnson presidential library in texas to talk about his presidency and the situation in the least. he commented on his work with the carter center. this form as an hour and 15 minutes. -- this forum is an hour and 15 minutes. >> my name is tom johnson. i'm a friend of the lbj family. 16 years ago, the first harry middleton lector took place in this auditorium. the next day, ladybird johnson, who established the lectureship to honor the man who was then library director, wrote to him to express her pride and her gratification that the event had been "a watershed day in the life of the lbj library." she was moved by what she felt was the chemistry that the speaker had created between himself and his audience, which was heavily composed that day by students. contrary to the fog of cynicism and gloom we have seen as a country to have been wrapped in
address, president obama talks about the need to improve education to complete globally. he gets it from the intel organization facility that he visited yesterday near portland, oregon. he is followed by tom price with the gop address. represented a price talks about the president's 2012 budget request and the need to cut government spending to create a better environment for job creation. his remarks follow a series of amendments passed by house republicans early this morning that would produce 2011 fertile spending by $61 billion. -- federal spending by $61 billion. >> i am speaking to you outside portland, ore. where i am visiting pinto, a company that helped pioneer the digital age. i just toured the assembly line where workers are building microprocessors to run everything from desktops to smartphones. but these workers are not just manufacturing high-tech computer chips. they are showing us how america will win the future. for decades, intel has led the world in developing new technologies. even as global competition has intensified, this company has invested, build, and hired righ
. then the committee's winter meeting. after that, president obama and senator portman deliver the weekly addresses. >> and michael porter talks about the importance of steak being competitive locally. he made the remarks in washington d.c. where he does part of the morning plenary session, focusing on improving state economies and job creation. >> good morning, everyone. >> as the chair, i would like to welcome each and every one of you to the 2011 nga winter meeting. i want to start by apologizing for my laryngitis and to assure you that you can shake my hand. this is just an overzealous reaction to the boeing tanker award. this is an attack for allergies. i took your advice last night to shut up. they have a motion for the adoption of the rules of procedure for the meeting. it has been moved and seconded. any discussion? all in favor? those opposed? part of the rules require that any governor who wants to submit in a policy resolution for adoption at the meeting will need a 75% vote to amend the rules to do so. please submit anything in writing by friday. i would like, if i could, to take a mome
was that in the very first day in office, president obama was talking about how he was going to scrap terrorist surveillance programs and the events interrogation techniques and so forth for the thing that really offended me was that they started talking about prosecuting the people of the agency that have been carrying out our policies. it was approved by the president of united states and the national security council. there were talking about going after and forcing these people to hire lawyers and prosecuting them for having followed lawful orders of the president of united states. what that says to people who get a difficult order to execute and you tell them that have to go perform a certain duty in -- and responsibility on behalf of the united states government and they have to look over their shoulder to decide whether or not, we have a change in the administration, they will be prosecuted. it is a huge mistake. the good news is, i think, that they have backed off on some of their more outrageous propositions. i notice that guantanamo bay is still open. [laughter] [applause] the notion
're doing it. he attacked them with the technological change, and having written about the obama movement, it independents, and the tea parties, the commonality is technology bringing people together in the way that the mainstream media does not understand. what i would say is ultimately, there is a worldwide movement towards exactly what we're talking about, political freeman, political freedom, social justice, and ultimately what we have to see is that this is both part of and in the vanguard of a degree of broad based social change that is fundamental to understanding our world today. [applause] >> one common element here is that it is time for us to bring the curtain back. we've all been basically indoctrinated one way or the other with a lot of labels, frankly, and definitions that do not actually fit the reality of what is going on in america or around the world. this is an evolutionary process. when you tell people that there are mores independence that democrats are republicans, that six of their model. they have been led to believe of the country and the false choice between the
came in second. but i think he enjoys keeping president obama on his toes. i truly believe there's mutual respect between president obama and senator mccain. i believe it is a respect that demonstrates that americans, we do not have to agree on every matter of policy, on every agenda, on every talking point, because in america, unity does not require unanimity. [applause] we do not have to agree on all things to uphold the important things. the kind of things in which we in fact do agree, such as teaching the 10 ents of our founders, the nation, despite our differences, we all cling to the sameness, to the beauty of our country and the opportunity to enjoy the blessings of liberty and freedom. someone asked me earlier what prompted me to join the u.s. global leadership coalition. very simple. i believe in your mission. i believe in your message. the message that we must enhance the ability of our country, to advance the ideals of freedom and democracy around the globe. that the military is but one option available to influence geopolitical events and to bring about a better and a
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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